Assistance for the Purchase of Rolling Stock – Amétis 2.0


2016 – 2020


Technical and legal assistance for the purchase of rolling stock for the BRT in Amiens


Amiens metropolitan authority


The Goal of the Amiens metropolitan authority’s Amétis 2.0 project is to start up a restructured, modernised and intermodal network in March 2019, organised around four BRT lines.

The vehicles on the BRT lines will meet the requirements of the 2015 law on the energy transition. Therefore, the Amiens metropolitan authority is looking to acquire a fleet of some 40 electric buses. The lines, measuring about 10 kilometres, will be equipped with quick-charging systems at each terminus. The total cost of the project is €100 M.

Our mission covered the preliminary studies, the drafting of the tender enquiry, the bid process (for the rolling stock and the recharging systems in the stations and the depot), the commissioning phase and the end of the warranty period.


The goal of the mission for the Amiens metropolitan authority was to guarantee:

  • the continued improvement of the Amétis network, with the opening of four BRT lines to speed up mobility in the area,
  • the availability of attractive, modern and high-performance vehicles that meet the requirements of sustainable development for the residents of Amiens and visitors.
  • Preliminary studies
  • Assistance with the drafting of the tender enquiry
  • Assistance with the call for tender
  • Assistance with engineering and construction
  • Assistance with acceptance and trials
  • Support in the general warranty phase
Key expertise
  • Project management
  • Sources of funding
  • Analysis of the industrial context
  • Operability analysis
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Definition of the rolling stock and the charging systems
  • Energy balance sheet
  • Monitoring of the development of the vehicles and the charging infrastructures
  • Legal assistance
  • Types of contracts
  • Development of the depot, access ways and networks
  • Maintenance requirements