Bus rolling stock


2009 – 2011


Audit mission and assistance for the commissioning authority with rolling stock, rail systems and public transport systems.


Communauté d’Agglomération Rouen-Elbeuf-Austreberthe (CREA)


Transamo and SEMITAN (subcontractor) grouping


38 guided and articulated BRT-type buses for TEOR
11 standard buses


The Rouen-Elbeuf-Austreberthe urban district authority called on the Transamo – SEMITAN (Nantes conurbation transport authority) consortium for a global assistance mission for the commissioning of its transport system (buses and trams). The missions covered the renewal strategy for the CREA’s buses and the drafting of the specifications for the acquisition of new buses for the BRT lines.

Goals of the missions

To analyse all the investment scenarios for the renewal of the CREA’s bus fleet and to help the transport department to take better decisions.

To cope with an ageing fleet, reduce maintenance costs and improve the capacity and accessibility of the transport system and the image of the TEOR BRT.

To help the CREA to draft the specifications, especially for the optical guidance system, and to draft a more robust contract.

  • Study of the renewal scenarios
  • Benchmark of the existing products, consultation of constructors
  • Drafting of the specifications for the acquisition of standard buses and guided BRT-type buses (technical and administrative documents)
  • Legal assistance
  • Analysis of the main technical options (drive systems) and operational options (capacity of the vehicles, onboard systems, etc.)
  • Analysis of the inventory of the bus fleet and the renewal objectives
  • Analysis of the purchasing strategies according to the types of vehicles to be acquired (standard/BRT)
  • Advice on the acquisition methods, the choices of procedure and the types of funding
Specifics of the mission
  • Analysis of the legal imperatives pertaining to the concession contract binding the CREA to the operator.
  • Technical and safety risks of the optical guidance system to be renewed.
  • Operational expertise of SEMITAN