Construction of a train maintenance workshop


2016 – 2021


Project management


RATP – Railway rolling stock department / RER maintenance unit




In order to increase the maintenance capacities of RER Line B and make them more reliable, and to make plans for the medium- and long-term developments (enhanced offer and renewal of the rolling stock), the master plan for Line B provides for the construction of an RER workshop on the railway site at Mitry-Claye.

Goal of the mission

The project, which has two commissioning authorities (RATP and SNCF), provides for the construction to a tight deadline, due to the arrival of new rolling stock for RER Line B:

  • of a maintenance workshop with two tracks, each capable of receiving a single-unit train in 2021, with an upgrade to a four-track workshop in the long term,
  • two adjoining tracks in front of the workshop, of an incoming track, and two track along the south side of the workshop,
  • of a moving under-floor wheel lathe for 2019.

In its project management mission, the mobility organisation must deliver the project management studies required to execute the Mitry project to the MRF department of the RATP.


As part of its mission as a mobility organisation delivering project management services, along with the RATP Project Manager, Transamo was tasked with the application of the RATP’s “Project management plan” reference standard:

  • project master schedule
  • project management plan
  • risk management plan
  • supervision of the studies and participating parties (management of interfaces and changes to the project)
  • electronic document management
  • chairing the monthly progress review meetings

The main tools used in this mission:

  • the detailed programme
  • the detailed master schedule
  • the risk analysis matrix and risk fact sheets

For this project, the project management unit assigned:

  • one senior consultant
  • one junior consultant