Erasme Pulsar metro depot


2012 – 2018


– Design of a new depot to store 21 automatic metro trains (Erasme)
– Modification of an existing depot (Delta)


Société de Transports intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB)


AGT consortium (Altiplan – Sweco -Transamo)


Study of the construction of a new depot and buildings at the end of Erasme station. Most of the structure is located under a main road.

  • To park the future metro trains, to meet the temporary needs during the automation of Line 5.
  • To optimise manoeuvres between the terminus and the servicing zones in the workshop.
  • To install a test line alongside the SNCB tracks.
Challenges of the contract
  • To obtain permission to build and operate.
  • To control the disruption caused by a major project on important road infrastructures.

The mission consisted of:

  • Defining the functional programme with the STIB.
  • Establishing the route of the tracks to allow for the construction of the buildings and the junction with Line 5.
  • To integrate the STIB’s electrical systems in the new facility.
  • To specify the equipment dedicated to the servicing and maintenance of the metro trains.
  • Needs expression meetings with the customer.
  • Proposals of track layouts for the connection with Line 5.
  • Support for the architects and the civil works and construction bureau for the consideration of the rail-related imperatives in the design of the structure.
  • Production of the technical specifications of the equipment.
  • Interfaces between the STIB’s technical departments and the engineering bureau for the electrical systems.
  • A Project Manager, specialised in depot design.
  • A systems engineer.
  • Partners specialising in industrial facilities.