Extension of the T3 tram line in western Paris


2015 – 2017


Support for the technical management of the project


IDFM (Ile de France Mobilité) – (STIF)




The project  involves extending tram lines T3 to the west of Paris from the Porte d’Asnières. It will be connected to the Porte Maillot, one of the conurbation’s major hubs, and will contribute to its transformation. Discussions are also under way regarding the extension of the Palais des Congrès and the reconfiguration of the ring-road.

The western extension of Line T3 will reinforce the primary network, with connections with RER Line C, with the extension of RER Line E in the west (EOLE) and with two or three metro lines, depending on the chosen terminus (Porte Maillot or Porte Dauphine).

The STIF has appointed a mobility organisation to plan and manage the project and to oversee the achievement of the project’s general objectives through the close coordination of the studies of the urban transport system operated by the STIF, and of its interfaces with the urban integration studies of the City of Paris, in its capacity as the coordinating commissioning authority of the project.

Goal of the mission
  • To produce the analysis and framework tools for project management
  • Analysis of the applicable administrative procedures and the conventions to be concluded
  • Risk analysis
  • General and detailed planning, monitoring and reporting
  • Coordinate the production of the material necessary for the preliminary consultation, the preliminary studies, the master plan and the public enquiry
  • Anticipate the organisation of the subsequent phases (data collection, designation of the commissioning authority, production of the tender enquiry documents, etc.)

Inventory and risk analysis

  • Document defining the organisation of the mission
  • Risk analysis memo and proposals for risk management
  • Report on the inventory and listing of the applicable administrative procedures
  • Project management plan

General schedule and master schedule

  • Master schedule for the entire project, up to start-up
  • Detailed schedule

Organisation and coordination of the commissioning processes

  • Dashboard and reporting of the operation
  • Provisional timetable of meetings

Support for the validation and analysis of the coherence of the administrative formalities

  • Verification of the regulatory and technical aspects

Production of the specifications of related missions

  • Geotechnical surveys, parking studies, etc.