Feasibility of a tram/bus operations and technical centre




Feasibility study of an operations and technical centre for trams and buses






SEMITAN is planning to build a fourth depot before 2025 for new trams and NGV buses on a site near the La Babinière exchange hub (tram train, extension of L1 and future L1-L2 interconnection.


The extension and partial renewal of the tram fleet with higher-capacity trams will create new technical needs in terms of parking and maintenance. SEMITAN’s new depot will have to meet the existing needs and, eventually, help to optimise the parking and maintenance between the various sites. The goal of the mission was to define a programme for the appointment of a project manager.


The study was broken down into four phases.

  • Phase 1: Definition of the needs, site analysis, development of the programmes
  • Phase 2: Development of the layout scenarios
  • Phase 3: Comparative analysis and means of optimisation
  • Phase 4: Feedback for the definition of the programme

Phase 1:

  • Collection and listing of the functional and organisational needs, scoping of the needs, recommendations on traffic flows and spatial configuration, elaboration of the pre-programmes for each scenario, critical analysis of the functional programme
  • Analysis of the site and possibilities for construction: urban development factors, environmental restrictions on the site, determination of the environmental profile of the operation
  • Regulatory analysis

Phase 2:

  • Scoping of the equipment and tracks
  • Projection of each scenario onto the site
  • Feasibility and suitability of the scenarios
  • Comparative analysis matrix
  • Production of a table of the costs and master schedule of the operation

Phase 3:

  • Finalisation and costing of the development scenarios
  • Cost/time/performance-oriented multi-criteria analysis
  • Identification of means of optimisation

Phase 4:

  • In-depth study of the preferred scenario