Feasibility study of a park-and-ride site




A feasibility study of a park-and-ride site as part of a collective transport system on self-owned sites


Greater Besançon Urban Community




Greater Besançon Urban Community intended to develop its park-and-ride offer in an effort to make better use of its amenities and to boost the appeal of the future BRT line.

Goal of the mission

The urban authority, which owns land close to one of the stops in the project, approached Transamo for  a feasibility study and the sizing and economic evaluation of a project to install a park-and-ride park on the site of the observatory, near the university campus.

The mission

The mission comprised two phases. The first phase, covering the definition of the location and the requirements, included:

  • a diagnostic of the workings of the park-and-ride offer in Besançon,
  • the definition of the timeliness of creating a P+R in the basis of an analysis matrix,
  • an assessment of the need for parking spaces,
  • recommendations on the facilities to be installed near and on the park-and-ride site.

The second phase covered the operation of the P+R: mode of management, rates, possible services, investment costs, operating costs and income.


The results of the study tended to demonstrate the benefits of building a park-and-ride park on this particular site. However, additional amenities are necessary for the park-and-ride site to function properly.

In terms of sizing, the different methods revealed a need for between 50 and 90 parking spaces.