Launch of the tram line 3 project


2014 – 2015


Assistance with the launch of the operation to extend tram line 3


Saint-Etienne Métropole


Saint Etienne Métropole urban district council planned to build a tram line measuring about 4 km between the termini of lines T2 and T3 at Châteaucreux and the Geoffroy Guichard stop on lines T1 and T2. This project would extend line T3 from Châteaucreux to Hôpital Nord and improve the interconnections in Saint-Etienne’s tram network.


The main objectives were to continue the construction of an interconnected and efficient tram network in an effort to reduce dependence on motor cars and to improve the service between the Châteaucreux interchange and the Geoffroy Guichard football ground.

Target deadline: start-up in mid-2019.

Key expertise
  • Project scheduling (master schedule)
  • Structuring of the project and organisation of the commissioning process
  • Comparison of the operational arrangements
  • Preliminary investigations and level-1 consultations
  • Administrative and regulatory procedures
  • Risk management

Assistance with the launch of the operation:

  • Formation of a commissioning team for the project
  • Identification of the coordination and governance instances

Regulatory assistance:

  • Regulatory diagnostic: confirm the feasibility of the operation from a regulatory perspective
  • Launch of the preliminary investigations and the level-1 contracts: project management, geotechnical, air quality, quality of the soil, networks, structures, archaeology, hydraulics, etc.

Creation of the project management tools (scheduling, project structuring, etc.)

  • Definition of the schedules of the operation (master and summary timetables, level-1 consultations, etc.)
  • Creation of a dashboard to keep track of the structuring of the project (governance and supervision, consultations, studies and works, interfaces, procedures)