Pre-feasibility study of a cable transport system




A mission to provide assistance with the pre-feasibility study of a cable transport system between Chambéry station and the Chambéry le Haut district.





MDP Consulting


A pre-feasibility study of a cable transport system between Chambéry railway station and the Chambéry le Haut district had been carried out on the behalf of Transdev and in relation with the Chambéry urban authority and Chambéry town council.

Assessment of the timeliness and the operational pre-feasibility of the following aspects of the project:

  • a benchmark of cable projects in France,
  • analysis of the local context and the timeliness of the project,
  • initial estimates of potential traffic,
  • comparative analysis of the route scenarios,
  • identification of the performances expected from the system,
  • analysis of the regulatory context,
  • study of possible contractual arrangements for the execution of the project,
  • forecast of project costs,
  • provisional project schedule,
  • pre-analysis of the modes of operation and maintenance,
  • chairing of the management committee, comprising the Chambéry town and district councils and Transdev (STAC, the operator).
Key expertise
  • Pre-feasibility study: forms of mobility, cable transport, development, procedures, etc.
  • Skills development and transport,
  • Project management: operational arrangements, analysis of procedures, commissioning authority organisation, etc.

Review of the context of the project: a benchmark of ongoing cable projects in France, the suitability of the local context, site visits and assessment of the timeliness of the project.

Proposal of route scenarios: identification of the destination sites and the corridors, proposal and comparative study of the route scenarios, first estimate of potential traffic, multi-criteria analysis of the scenarios.

Project arrangements: first options of contractual arrangements for the implementation of the project, provisional project schedule, first estimate of the investment, operating and maintenance costs.