Study of the Grand Paris Express station hubs in Bondy


2016 – 2017


A study of inter-modality in the Pont-de-Bondy and Gare de Bondy station hubs in preparation for the arrival of the Grand Paris Express project.


EPT Est-Ensemble and CD Seine-Saint-Denis


Gautier + Conquet


As part of the Grand Paris Express (GPE) project, Société du Grand-Paris (SGP) is funding the inter-modality projects proposed by local authorities. By 2030, the Bondy RER and Pont-de-Bondy stations will respectively receive 10,000 and 2,500 incoming passengers every morning.

Goal of the mission

The Gautier Conquet-Transamo grouping, assisted by CDVia, was chosen to conduct the studies of these two hubs. The study proposed different development scenarios. One of these scenarios will be taken forward with a view to entering two formal contracts for the hubs.


The diagnostic phase

  • Interviews with the various stakeholders in the project,
  • Analysis of the current and planned transport offers,
  • For Bondy station, an in-depth analysis of parking, based on an analysis of turnover-occupation-respect,
  • Definition of an inter-modality pre-programme covering all the planned needs of the hub,
  • Identification of the imperatives, invariables and room for manoeuvre that will enable us to define the areas of intervention that pre-figure the scenarios of each hub.

Elaboration of the scenarios

  • Definition of the principles applying to the hubs by qualifying their identity,
  • Elaboration of two to three development scenarios per hub,
  • Workshops with the stakeholders,
  • Selection and further development of a scenario: operational and programme development plan
  • 1/1,000th representation of the hub.

Formal definition of the hub projects

  • Operational sequencing and financial arrangements of the project, as described in detail in the action fact sheets,
  • Drafting of a hub project.